One of the key elements to marketing your property is imagery.   How a property appears online is one of the most important aspects in a successful sell.  Professor Allen Zhang, University of Chicago, found a direct correlation between perceived value and listing quality in one of the studies.  High listing quality or image quality of on-line listings equalled increased value and higher sales prices.* Professional photography and video is a must…

Great photos of your listing will gain more attention and thus help take care of the first step in real estate,  getting clients in the door! In fact 90% of buyers are searching on-line and often call their agent requesting to see a property.*  Ultra-wide-angle lens, flat on camera lighting,  or believe it or not, iPhone photos (often used by run-n-gun real estate photogs or agents) does little to show, promote or separate your property from the rest. The first thing potential buyers view on a listing is the photos. In a published study by Professor Michael Seiler. 95.1% viewed the photos first followed by the statistics, bedroom count, square feet, etc… and believe it or not 40% did not even read the realtors remarks!*  Images are everything when attracting buyers!

We strive to show the character, feel and ambience of your home and help the prospected client envision living there.  We go to great lengths and take great care in doing this by creating images worthy of publication.  This is achieved by using professional equipment, professional lighting and by taking the time and effort to move furniture, clean areas or in other words, do it right!

Redfin did a three year study on the value of photography in relation to selling property.  They discovered that homes in the $400k range sold an average of THREE weeks sooner than comparable listing when professionally photographed as well as closing close if not for the listing price.*

Rick McKee, one of our agents, is also a published professional architecture photographer, having worked for several magazines like Charleston Magazine, Kiawah Legends and Coastal Living as well the Art & Architecture book Grandeur Preserved The House Museums of Historic Charleston Foundation

He takes this experience and applies it to each of our listings ensuring each property is shown as flattering as possible to catch and retain the attention of buyers.

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* Prof Alan Zhang- University of Chicago

* Zillow and National Realtors Association

* Professor Michael Seiler- Toward an Understanding of Real Estate Homebuyer Internet Search Behavior: An Application of Ocular Tracking Technology

* Redfin- Hiring a Professional Photographer for Listing Photos Pays Off