Important Buyers Information

In today’s age with search aggregate sites like Zillow and, what does a real estate agent do for buyers?

  • Agents advise and advocate for the buyer during the home buying process.
  • Educate buyers on the areas current market conditions.
  • Research active listings based on criteria that are most important to the buyer. For example school districts, work commutes and area activities.
  • Advise on homes based on lifestyle needs and wants. Interviewing the buyer, getting to know what they deem as important factors in their home and some sinful little extras, does this.
  • Guide the buyer through the negotiations of contracts, offers and price.
  • Provide follow-up, oversight and suggestions for inspections both required by law and those that would protect the buyer.
  • Provide counsel and advice on repairs as well as negotiations with the seller to make said repairs.
  • Be present at closing, ensuring that the interests of the buyer are protected.
  • Be an emotional support to the buyer, this process is tough. Fact is, sometimes things don’t work out the way that we expect them to.

The right agent can make the home buying process a little easier, even enjoyable.