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Sullivan’s Island, SC

With just an area of 3.3 mi.² Sullivan’s Island, SC might just be one of the most wonderful beaches on the East Coast. Commercialized only a small bit with a handful of galleries and restaurants, this barrier island has a big reputation to be one of the best family-friendly destinations along the South Carolina coast. Just a short trip from Downtown Charleston, it offers for both residents and vacationers a great opportunity for a quiet summer beach vacation with all the amenities of Downtown Charleston. It boasts views of the Intercoastal Waterway and bright, open ocean beaches.

It has a rich history, first explored by the English in the 1670s when a British captain and new colonist Florence O’Sullivan first set foot on the area. This new Sullivan’s Island was named in his honor and became one of the many port towns for entry of ship fleets accessing the Lowcountry. Unfortunately one of the roles of Sullivan’s Island was to be a quarantine area in the 1770s, it was estimated that 40% of slaves traded in North American colonies came to the island. This area became recognized as the “Ellis Island” for African-Americans. Despite this dark time for Sullivan’s, it also became a great source of pride for South Carolina. On June 28, 1776, the not yet completed Fort Moultrie was bombarded by British troops in the beginning stages of the Revolutionary war. While this attack proved unsuccessful, 400 American soldiers stationed at Fort Moultrie were triumphant over this British invasion. The victory is still celebrated today in Charleston County and is known as Carolina day. Fort Moultrie was named after the first commander who held the initial victory and later it has a secondary role in American literary history as a temporary home for famous American writer Edgar Allen Poe. Poe was stationed at Fort Moultrie from November 1827 to December 1828. Poe inserted much of his time and observations of the Lowcountry into his works. The Lowcountry is filled with misty swamps and ghostly legends as well as stories of buried pirate treasure and African voodoo. He took these places then created landscapes and characters for his haunting stories. It is this venue that inspired his melancholy and frustration for such works as The Goldbug, The Balloon Hoax, and The Oblong Box.

In 1862 Sullivan’s Island lighthouse was built, making it one of the newest in the country and over the decades it has blossomed turning into a favorable destination spot. In 2006 Sullivan’s Island became the first municipality in South Carolina to ban smoking in all public spaces making big headlines. The island has few restaurants and local businesses on a small strip called Middle Street. There are no hotels but the island has many vacation homes with large lots and all are close to beach access.

The largest attraction on Sullivan’s Island isn’t the fort or the lighthouse but the beach itself. There are relatively few residents and commercialization making Sullivan’s Island a great place to enjoy quiet serenity. The area is known seashells and sand dollars as well as the occasional starfish; visitors are encouraged to leave living things at the beach. It also is a home for turtle nesting, which are a protected species. So during the months March thru October please observe “lights out” and help protect these fragile creatures. Entertainment on Sullivan’s revolves around the water making it an ideal spot for surfing, fishing, crabbing, kayaking, standup paddle boarding and it is one of the nations top spots for kite surfing.

Community leaders are involved in many events to engage the public. These include:

  • The Polar Bear Plunge on New Years Day
  • Fire and Rescue Fish Fry
  • Lighthouse Open House (in May)
  • The Flounder 5k held every June
  • Carolina Day on June 28th,
  • 4th of July Fireworks
  • Fire and Rescue Oyster Roast (in November)
  • Christmas Tree lighting every season.

We have had the pleasure of living on the island and I must tell you it is one of the best places to live.

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Sullivan’s Island, SC

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